This is a list about the all the 24-minute episodes of the series Sea Dogs, for the English and French version.


No. in Season/Series (English) No. in Season/Series (French) English Title French Title
2 1 Mystery Island Larchipel des Disparus
3 2 The Smugglers' Loot Rien a Declarer
4 3 The Haunted Lake Le Lac Aux Sortileges
5 4 Trapped in Ice Les Naufrageurs de la Banquise
6 5 Monster Island Lile du Docteur Carnos
1 6 Treasure of Santa Canina Viva Santa Canina
7 7 Turbo Torpedoes Coulez le Cabotin
8 8 Mystery Cruise La Croisiere du Mystere
N/A 9 N/A Letresor de la Cite Perdue
9 10 Fear on the Equator Frayeur Sur Lequateur
10 11 The Shipwrecked Sailor Le Zmaitre des Ames Perdues
11 12 The Swashbuckling Pirate Le Dernier Voyage du Capitaine Croc
12 13 The Siren's Song Le Chant Des Pillards